Post Apple Scientific, Inc.


Laboratory Furniture and Casework


Post Apple Scientific, Inc. offers quality laboratory furniture, casework, and fixtures.  Available to our customers are both new and used furniture to fit your needs.  To view what new furniture Post Apple Scientific, Inc. has to offer, Acrobat Reader is necessary to view the files.  Please use the inquiry form to request information on used furniture by clicking here.  Also, Post Apple Scientific, Inc. does laboratory furniture deconstruction free of charge.  We will remove your old lab furniture and casework to save you the cost of disposal.  For more information please click here.

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Pricing is not available over the Website at this time.  If you would like to make a request for additional laboratory furniture information and pricing, please use the following form by clicking here.  Please include the size and quantity of the items you are interested in obtaining more information.

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Appliances    Casework    Equipment    Fixtures    Metal Cabinets    Narcotic Storage    Pegboards    Miscellaneous

(Additional note:  Downloading these *.pdf files will take a few moments since the file sizes are considerably large)